Board Members

Enid Lynn Rosenthal, Rafael González Lumbreras, Bill Stone

Executive Committee

Enid Lynn Rosenthal, President: Has been a full‐time resident of Oaxaca since 2003, and has worked with LPP for most of that time, including service as secretary and treasurer. Prior to moving to Mexico, she spent more than thirty years as Director of the School of Hartford Ballet and as Founder and Director of the Hartt College Dance Division of the University of Hartford. She served as President of the National Association of Schools of Dance and on the Council of Arts Accreditation Association as well as in other professional and civic organizations, task forces and grants panels.

Jacquelyn Scheinberg, Treasurer: Has been involved with LPP since 2014. Jacquelyn has lived in Oaxaca with her husband, Barry, since September 2000. Jacquelyn worked for 20 years as a senior production manager for various direct mail and advertising agencies in Los Angeles, California.

Don Northey, Program Adviser: Don Northey has been involved with Libros para Pueblos since 2011. Don has a master in Indian and Northern Education and a doctorate in Social Studies; he worked for many years as a teacher and administrator with First Nation students in Canada. After his first trip to Oaxaca in 1987, Don was motivated to offer programs in Oaxaca for Canadian teachers; to create exchange programs between Japanese students studying in Canada and Benito Juarez University students in Oaxaca; and to establish a student‐teacher education program in Oaxaca for students at Simon Fraser University. As a university instructor, Don has taught courses and developed curriculum material in multicultural education, global education, social studies, curriculum development, classroom management, program evaluation and English as a second language. He has also taught and consulted with educators in Hong Kong, India, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Malawi and Trinidad and Tobago. At a library inauguration, he recalls how moved he was when a child asked: “Can I really take a book home to read?”

Joseph Wilkes: A Board member for five years, Joe has been responsible for ordering library books and organizing their distribution to Libros para Pueblos libraries. A retired member of the US Department of Defense, Joe’s career included command and managerial positions in Vietnam, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East; he also taught high school in southwest Texas. In addition to his work with Libros para Pueblos, Joe also works developing water projects in the mountain villages of Oaxaca.