We are grateful for the financial support that our sponsors and donors provide. The circle graphs at the end of this article depict LPP income and expenses for 2015.

We did not include the income and expenses of the Vision Program in the graphs as these costs are covered in full through institutional and individual restricted gifts.

The percentage of the income from our Major Donor is less this year as we opened fewer libraries in 2015 (2) in order to provide more time and resources to support our existing libraries.

Our program depends on the generous support of our sponsors and donors. In term of sponsors 75% of their donations are spent on books and 25% is spent on librarian support. Currently any new library that is opened does so with an $800 sponsorship. We are hoping the remaining $600 sponsorships will move to the $800 level as well.

We have established a reserve fund in 2015 in case of unforeseen expenses.

Through the financial support of sponsors and donors, we are able to work towards improving the service provided to the eager readers in the LPP sponsored libraries.

We greatly appreciate your support over the last year!

Please contact us for additional financial information or questions at