Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, see different areas of Oaxaca, and feel the satisfaction of making a difference. Enthusiasm and flexibility are the main requirements. We provide training and ongoing support.

Please, find below the ongoing volunteer opportunities:

  • Social Media and Communication: increase our visibility online (Facebook, Instagram etc.) and create an attractive profile of our organization and our work through regularly updated content.
  • Design and Visual Arts: develop and help us improve our visual appearance.
  • Accounting and Administration: support our staff with the load of administrative work, varying in kind.
  • Event support: help with the execution of the Annual Conference for Librarians (usually taking place the last saturday of February). This conference unites librarians, sponsors, municipal authorities and regional coordinators, offering space for exchange and learning opportunities in various workshops.
  • Book Sorting: assist us in December/January when more than 8000 books are sorted, stamped and packed to be delivered to new libraries and communities all over Oaxaca.
  • Database construction: help us to create an effective platform to save and manage the information relative to our programs.

If you would like to volunteer, in the subject of your email, tell us of your area of interest and send to: info@librosparapueblos.org. If you live in an area with an LpP library, please contact the local librarian to ask how you might help.