Individuals are appointed by their respective government bodies for one to three years to have responsibility for the libraries in the LPP’s network. They do not have professional librarian background or experience as reading advocates and promoters. One of the LPP primary goals is to provide them with inspiration, guidance and basic skills to maximize the effectiveness in their libraries, inspire them to become lovers of reading and promote reading in their communities.

Annual Conference: Each February, all librarians and representatives from all LPP supported communities, the Board, Executive Committee, Staff and volunteers gather in Oaxaca for a day of workshops, training, and inspiration. Each library receives its annual donation of new books.


Support and on-site visits: Throughout the year, Regional Coordinators and other volunteers visit all the locations to offer advice and guidance on a one‐on‐one basis to the librarians. The role of these coordinators is to support the librarians, help them to solve or address any challenges, and to collect information that can help us evaluate the impact of Libros para Pueblos in communities.


Regional Training Workshops: Once a year each librarian attends a day of workshops in his or her area. This program includes practical workshops for beginners as well as more advanced workshops for experienced librarians. Among the topics addressed are: strategies for promoting reading, puppet workshops, effective storytelling and reading aloud methods and corporal expression.





Resources for librarians

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