Libros para Pueblos engages and collaborates with various organizations as partners to leverage programs or resources. These partners are important to the funding of work that we do and building awareness for our successes and our on‐going need.

We are proud of our partner relationships and appreciate their support for the on‐going needs of our libraries. We invite ideas from donors, partners, investors and friends as we work to maximize the impact of our libraries. If you would like to partner with us, please send email to with “Partnership Information” in the subject line.







CANFRO is a non‐profit organization established by a group of Canadians who hold Oaxaca and its people close to their hearts. They help us to support our library program by receiving donations from Canadians and making it posible for them to get a tax‐deductible receipt. For more information or for making a donation to LPP to Canfro’s website::







The Oaxaca Film Fest is a cinema festival which has taken place in Oaxaca since 2010. For two years Libros para Pueblos has participated as a selected organization for one of their Foundation Nights in which Oaxacan non‐profit organizations benefit from the ticket sales of one screening. For more information visit their website::






The Oaxaca Lending Library was founded in 1966 and is one of the oldest continuously operating English language libraries in Mexico. We have a very close relation as Libros para Pueblos was initially a project under the Oaxaca Lending Library. They offered support until we were structured as an independient non‐profit in Mexico. They receive donations from the USA through the Oaxaca Lending Library Foundation. Since march of 2016, Libros para Pueblos has had its office on the second floor of the OLL. Visit us!