Reading Aloud: A practical way to awaken the love of reading

Children love to hear stories. What child does not enjoy listening to a bedtime story from his/her parents? In addition to strengthening emotional ties, reading aloud is an oral tradition that conveys the love of reading from an early age.

In Libros para Pueblos we are convinced that telling stories aloud in libraries is one of the most practical and effective ways to motivate students’ interest in reading. Therefore we encourage librarians to regularly engage in storytelling, using resources such as expression, voice modulation and body language to share these stories.

So, this year we strengthened our Librarian Development Program through a workshop on reading aloud. We wanted to provide practical tools for librarians to improve their story telling and to encourage new librarians to dare for the first time to read stories in their libraries. The participation was amazing!

These workshops were filled with experiences and emotional moments. They also showed that, in addition to serving to enrich the work in the library, workshop approach is an excellent way to work with people who daily promote reading in their communities.

The story of Amada

The experience of one of our librarians, Amada Zurita, who is in charge of the library at San Juan Quiahije, a municipality within the District of Juquila, illustrates the experiences of some librarians. Amada shared that she still struggles to fully understand the Spanish language as she speaks Chatino as her mother tongue. However, this has not prevented her from sharing stories with the children of her community. She explained: “I read them stories in Spanish and then translate them to Chatino so that they can understand the story more fully.” Amada is a great example of how we can promote reading and at the same time endeavor to preserve community traditions.