LPP Book Donation

LPP Book Donation (from the box to children's hands)

Every year LPP donates an average of 120 books to each library in its network. When a library first becomes part of the network, it receives between 300 and 350 books. The total annual book purchase averages 9,500.

LPP follows a rigorous procedure for book selection. All are quality new books and are in Spanish. The LPP staff and Regional Coordinators spend many hours reviewing publishers’ catalogs and carefully studying the content and reviews. The titles are selected based on the following requirements or preferences:

  • They are written by Mexican authors (preference).
  • They have won a prize or participated in an important competition (preference)
  • They do not contain religious or political agendas (requirement).
  • They promote humanistic values (requirement).
  • The subjects and reading levels are appropriate to the age groups of library users (requirement).