Rutas Literarias

Rutas Literarias

The concept of “Rutas Literarias” originated in late 18th-century Europe. They were a popular method of designing cultural trips that connected interdisciplinary experiences and geographical destinations around a specific author, a literary trend, or a specific era of literature.

Today the concept has changed – it is journey through literature, using the medium of print and digital books. With the help of a guide, the “traveler” experiences a deeper understanding of the topic and of the world. 

Libros Para Pueblos has implemented this concept as an “imaginary journey” guided by the library manager or other reading promoter. The series of activities follows a planned route – a sequence of stories from the book collection — that address a theme in common.  

In 2019, LPP designed its first Literary Route, “Amor Gatuno”, which consists of a journey through five children’s books, each of which is called a “station”. At each station, the reader stops for an average of two hours to read the story and then engages in related exercises that may include drawing, group conversations and interaction, and educational games.

During the 2020 LPP Annual Conference, 150 people participated in training based on a Ruta Literaria called “Those who want to change to please.” Along the route, readers explored the stereotypes and socio-cultural roles of being a man or a woman. They discussed concepts of gender equity and equality, as well as the beauty standards that society imposes and how they influence the development of personality, for better or for worse.

For the remainder of 2020, LPP is preparing nine more Rutas Literarias guides, using books in the library collection and providing methodological tools to enrich the experiences in LPP-supported libraries.