José Luis Zárate - Executive Director

Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, José Luis studied agronomy with a specialty in the design of machines for agriculture; subsequently, he completed diplomas in agroecology and documentary cinema. José Luis has extensive experience in the use of participatory methodologies for diagnosing problems and needs, strategic planning, project management, risk management, and contingency planning.

He has participated as a workshop speaker, panelist and lecturer in different national and international events with a special focus on community development. His passion for photography and video has allowed him to show others the reality of rural and urban life. Since assuming the position of Executive Director of LPP in September 2016, he has participated in all LPP working committees.

Marco Jiménez - Program Coordinator

Marco graduated in 2015 from the Mixteca Technological University with a degree in Design Engineering. As Program Coordinator, he monitors and evaluates LPP programs in the network libraries and communities and maintains direct contact with Regional Coordinators, library managers, and library users. He first came to LPP as in intern in 2015 and his interest in cultural and community development – as well as his skills – made him an excellent addition to the LPP staff.

Daniela Cruz Cruz - Administrative Coordinator

Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, Dani completed her studies in Cultural Management and Sustainable Development at the Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez (UABJO). She started her career at LPP as an intern handling a variety of administrative responsibilities. She currently works as Administrative Coordinator and is in charge of the mobile Library project in the state prison for women.