Training of Library Managers

Throughout the year, all library managers are required to participate in training and performance evaluation of their libraries.

Given the specific circumstances of many library partners, this evaluation presents unique challenges. In certain communities, due to the political administrative structure of the entity, there is frequent rotation of staff which means that additional training and follow-up is required to reach and maintain the desired level of library operation. To date, LPP has been successful in adapting its training strategies to meet these challenges.

Visits by Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators, both men and women, are the most important team of people because they have direct contact with the libraries. Most coordinators are also the library managers of a given library and have professional training as reading promoters. One of their main responsibilities is to visit all the libraries located in their region. During their visits, which occur two or three times a year, they help to solve problems and challenges presented by the library personnel and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the workshops.

Annual Conference

On the last Saturday in February each year, LPP organizes an Annual Conference that involves the participation of an average of 170 people, including library managers, school directors, municipal authorities, NGO representatives, invited sponsors, and professional workshop leaders. During the all-day event, each attendee participates in training workshops on various topics related to LPP’s strategic projects.

Regional workshops

In addition to the workshops during the Annual Conference, all library managers receive two additional workshops per year which are held in a location close to their community. In these workshops, they have the opportunity to exchange experiences and “best practices” with other library managers in their region. These workshops are more personalized and correspond more closely to the needs presented by their specific circumstances.